Big Feet

big feet!

Boy, my feet are big. This is me doing what Mama calls “a torpedo boy”. I know a lot of you guys call it frog dog, but we’re sticking to “torpedo boy” if you don’t mind.

Anyway this is me still at The Roughly Cottage near Newcastleton in Scotland, enjoying my July holiday. I’m at the boat house just whiling away the day. It was way too hot to venture much further – we had to wait for the sun to go down a bit before we could go out on a walk, but that was no problem, unless the midges came with us, and if you’ve ever come across a horde of midges then they can ruin just about anything. Fortunately we had some spray to keep them at bay – hey that rhymes!

I love stretching out like a torpedo. Other than food and eating food, what do you guys like doing?

7 thoughts on “Big Feet

  1. Mr. K loves to dip his paws in a kiddie pool. He loves splashing around in the water. Heather, on the other hand, hates the water. She prefers to stay indoors with the air conditioning! Much love, The Scottie Mom.


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