Flashback Fridays


Oh boy … this is a right proper flashback. Probably around 2007 when there were 5 of us. Here we are in Derbyshire (United Kingdom) at a very very pretty place called Dovedale. We liked (and still do if you’ve noticed) to walk by streams – it means we can have a wee drink whenever we like – and Dovedale has some of the most picturesque river valleys, well we think so.

So here we are, and I think this is at the start of the walk. I know because I’ve spotted a few more photos of us further long the river – these I’ll share some other Friday.

Hope all is well with everyone out there in blogville – keep safe, keep warm (if you’re in a cold zone) or keep cool (if you’re experiencing warm weather). We in the UK are experiencing our usual grey, dull, wet weather. Oh well, we wouldn’t have such green countryside to ramble in (like the photo above) if it wasn’t nearly always wet!

Take care, have a grrrrreat weekend.

Bobby & Fabi

13 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays

    1. I’m the one 2nd from the left – I’m wearing my ‘poo bag’ – you can just about see something grey on my back. I loved to wear this – I carried all the poos in black poo bags until we found a bin to deposit them in. Don’t worry, I really did love to wear it ‘cos I knew when it came out that we were going on a particularly FANTASTIC walk. Don’t wear it now for obvious reasons!

      Have a grrreat weekend, RooOOoodles from Me & Fabi


    1. Mama tried giving me ale, and wine (not at the same time), but I’m a ‘teetotaller’ only like water. Finlay was her ‘drinking partner’ – he loved beer and wine! However, it seems that Fabi, yes Fabi, likes a drop of wine and especially “Bailey’s Irish Cream” – she snaffled a glass of it over Christmas when Mama fell asleep and left her glass on the floor!


  1. Your grass just looks greener over the pond.
    I would love to walk with five Scotties. Bobby second from left and carrying the pack, I bet.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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