Flashback Friday

Happy Wall

This is Mama and Dada’s “Happy Wall”. It covers one wall of their bedroom. It has photos dating back to 1991 on them. I can see Mama’s first puppy Agnes (aka Agi) who arrived in her life in January 1991 (Agi was born 11.11.90 she sadly crossed the rainbow bridge 3.12.02 a couple of months before I was born). I can see me as a puppy with Finlay, and me as a more mature (he! he!) scottie. I can see Fin-Fin with a trophy win from one of his Scottie Shows. I can see a “tiddle” my real mama-dog made when she was only 6 months old – it looks like a scottie – can you see where it is on this happy wall?

I can see my real mama-dog, sister and Agi at Mama and Dada’s wedding and I can see lots of places we have all visited.

This is why is it called a ‘HAPPY WALL’  – it brings back lots and lots of happy memories …. of course now some of those memories do have a little bit of sadness attached to them because that is all they are ….. cherished memories of scotties long gone. This is only a portion of the Happy Wall as much as I could get in the photo!

Maybe next time I share a photo of my Happy Wall, there’ll be a photo of Fabi on it ….. but she’ll have had to have made me Happy first!

Hope you all have a grrrreat weekend. Apologies for not visiting much this last week, Scottish Terrier Health Network has been a bit busy for Mama – no don’t panic, it’s just a competition she’s running across there – a bit of ‘black and white fun’ but it’s kept me off the computer. Anyway puppers, have a great one – catch you all next week!

13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

    1. Thank you Trisha … it’s one way of displaying all those nice things that you’ve done. And I’m sure that Indy and Lucy have helped you have lots of nice memories to display on your Happy Wall if you get around to doing one.


  1. Aha, the ‘handfull’ wall. All peeps love looking at their dog photos, always brings back such wonderful, happy memories !


    1. There’s certainly more than a ‘handful’ of scotties scattered on this wall. One day I might try and count them – at least I won’t have to take my shoes and socks off to use my feet – as they’ll all be available to use!


  2. They’ve got this also. They have a picture of each dog and bird in a frame along with a bit of fur or feather taped to the glass. I look at Kenzie’s the most because that’s the one I knew.


    1. Brilliant idea! We hope Your Lady has as much enjoyment we’ve had in collecting memories and placing them on our Happy Wall. You’ll have to start sending us photos, even if it’s just a couple of pix that have been put up – we love sharing!


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