Today is …..

Mama and Dada’s Wedding Anniversary. Not that there’s any evidence of that around the house. No flowers for Mama, and no boy gifts for Dada – just another day.

However, on the actual day, they wanted their three scottie girls to share in the fun. They had planned to have a very good friend to wait with the scotties outside the church, but the Reverend would have nothing of the sort – she said that the Scottie must come inside the church and take part in the ceremony. Part of the actual declaration read out by the Reverend included references to those three little scottie girls!

Anyway, here’s a few photos of The Big Day …..

23 thoughts on “Today is …..

  1. What a perfect day, to have the beloved Scotties taking part must have been the icing on the cake !
    PS Bobby, I should have a quiet word with Dada and suggest he gets his skates on and buys Mama some flowers before he finds his ‘dinners in the dog’ tonight !


  2. Oh how sweet married right before Valentine’s Day.
    Bobby you got to get them to celebrate the day and they must include you.
    Maybe DaDa could make a run to the bakery and get another beautiful cake.
    Thanks for sharing you special day with us.
    Sweet William The Scot


  3. How to make a perfect day even more perfect…add THREE Scotties!! How utterly pawsome that your mom & dad got to share their big day with their beloved babies. We’d like to think that if we were around when mom & dada got married they’d have included us too…right mom? Mom? *SIGH*
    Wally & Sammy


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