Flashback Friday

Finlay - bad hair day

This is my beloved brother Finlay (God rest his soul) having a “Bad Hair Day” way back when – he looks like something that’s come out of a cave having lived in it for a trillion years.

Unfortunately Mama wouldn’t have allowed him to keep that look for long!

How long do you guys manage to go without being caught and groomed? Sadly for me it’s only about a week now – and that’s Fabi’s fault – Mama is trying to be better organised with this new thing that’s joined our household …. oh where are those Flashback Fridays when you need them?

8 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. We were going to say Bad case of Bed Hair….BOL!

    SHE’s always got the instruments of torture set up and you just NEVER know when you’ll get grabbed!

    XXXOOO Bella (Roxy just gets hosed down.)


  2. Finlay kinda looks like the first Neanderthal Dog. Well we go about 4 weeks from April 1st to November first, then no cuts through the winter, and we are now looking like little black bears!

    The Mad Scots


    1. I think Finlay looks FAB! Long hair used to be all the fashion and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise xoxo


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