Flashback Friday

gus begging

This is Gus. My sadly departed older brother. And this is him at his best – Begging – we always encouraged him to perform this trick, because whatever he got, we got as well. I think that was real clever of me and Fin. It meant we never had to perform ‘tricks’ (so demeaning for us scotties) – but Gus didn’t mind – he was only interested in food and he’d do whatever it took to snaffle a smackerel of something or another. God bless him – I now rely on looking very sorry for myself when Mama gives Fabi her many puppy meals throughout the day – it works! I get an extra biscuit or two!

9 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Love that Gus! I had one that looked like that too… big and brawny, but it was a wheaten Scottie. He used to sit up in front of the dog toys at the pet food store and beg for a toy. People went by and used to say ‘Awwwh get a l little toy of the poor doggie —‘ but my living room was full of them already …I love that Gus!


  2. That Gus, he was an awesome Scottie with talent, he knew how to get stuff, but a pair of them sad looking Scottie eyes works well, we kinda lower our heads and look sidways

    The Mad Scots


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