Gus …..

Mama’s turn to write …..

In memory of Gus – my gentle giant. Two years have passed, yet it often seems like this morning that I had to let you go. Your little ‘urn’ sits in my kitchen – where I’d find you every day snoopervising every single movement of mine – and you still watch over me daily.

You were a big softy really, the most laid back Scottie I have owned. For your size you were so very nimble on your feet, you seemed to glide across any surface – unless it was those pesky stepping stones where they often tripped you up!

Always greeting any strange dog with a huge wag of your rudder-like tail, a quick sniff and then on you’d trot. You were truly mentally balanced and remained calm when your brothers and sister were often barking like crazy at something or another.  Only once was there a ‘cross bark’. You snarled, showed your teeth, gave out three extremely big barks to an intrusive German Shepherd interested in your bottom, then with a swooooosh of that beautiful scottie tail, you sauntered off.

Your presence is still as large in my life today, made more so by the loss of your little brother Finlay, 10 months later. You are both entwined in bittersweet memories; not having the time to truly grieve one scottie before another became terminally ill.

Today will be a day of remembrance for me. Not only will I be thinking of my gentle Gus, but all my other Sparhawk Scotties that have crossed the Bridge (Rosie, Agi, Izzy, Kelpie, and Finlay). I shall also pay respects to those Sparhawk Scotties that went onto live with other families throughout the years, but special thoughts go to my dear friend Maggie who owned two of my Sparhawks : William (Gus’s litter brother) also passed away in 2012 at the age of 13 yrs and 2 months, and Poppy (one of Kelpie’s babies) their niece who recently crossed the bridge  on 20th May 2014 aged 13yrs 2months on Maggies 60th birthday!

May all my scotties run free in their special garden across the rainbow. One day we shall all meet again.

Here’s some fabulous photos of this beautiful scottie boy …. some of you will recognise them from a couple of years ago – sorry for repeating myself – they sum up what Gus was all about ….


17 thoughts on “Gus …..

  1. I won’t feel cheated if I can make it to equal Gus’ age. I’ll be 12 this month. You can’t feel cheated-he was a long lived Scot.


  2. Loved your tribute of your Gus and all the lovely pictures. Anyone who has lost a furfriend can under your feelings because it is the same for us all.
    Thank you for your loving words.


  3. oh, I cried to see him and read your words. Reminded me of one of mine who had a great personality too. He died in 2007 at 13. I think your Gus was / is wonderful. I miss having Scotties around, but at my age I can no longer care for a dog.


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