Flashback Friday

Famous five

Now then …. I’m the only one left (again) from those depicted here. So, from left to right is my older brother William, followed by his litter brother Gus (who lived with us), then there is my litter brother, my beloved Fin-Fin or Finlay as he was christened … then there is me, Bobby, and lastly my niece, Poppy – daughter on my older sister (William and Gus’s litter sister) Kelpie. William and Poppy went to live with Mama’s very very good friend Maggie Crisfield Walters. We kept is constant touch and this is a photo from one of those occasions when we all got together.

Now they are all waiting for me across that Rainbow Bridge. I’m nearly 12 now, and know it won’t be long before I’m reunited with that side of my family …. but for now, I’m enjoying all this blogging.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend – catch up with you all next week.

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