D is for …

Dogs of course! plus mama’s other favourite pastime beginning with D ….. lol!!!! We won’t list the ‘D’rinks, but here’s a list of all Mama’s scotties in chronological order :

1. Agi (1991)  2. Rosie (1996)  3. Izzy (1997)  4. Kelpie (1999)  5. Bobby (2003)  6. Finlay (2003)  7. Gus (1999)  8. Fabi (2013)  9. Tayler (2015)  10. Sparta. (2015)

8 thoughts on “D is for …

    1. Dear Leah, we hope that you are ok. Mama follows your FB timeline, but we want to know that you are ok too – she never tells us – anything. We too, are grateful for the friendship that being owned by us Scotties, brings to people – we should become Worldwide Ambassadors or Friendship – lol!!!


      1. You Sweet Beautiful Babies are absolutely Worldwide Ambassadors of Friendship!! ❤❤❤ I am doing okay here but could really use Sweet Scottie smooch or two or three! Are you three available?? 💋💋💋❤💋💋💋

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    1. Kismet you crack us up. Here in England “doug” is pronounced differently, as in ‘dug’ or the short version of douglas. Or if you were in Scotland, however, pronouncing the word ‘doug’ could actually mean ‘dog’ as in ‘my wee doug’ … English, as in England’s english language is truly weird for our spelling and pronunciation of words. We think everyone should speak ‘dog’ or ‘doug’ or in your case, folks should speak ‘kismet’ – happy squawking and woofing !!!!


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