We’re ALL back

Wow, has it been that long?? Well, we do have a very good reason ….. puppies!

We all went into ‘lockdown’ for a while until the puppies were born, and then even more ‘lockdown’. But Mama says we can post some photos now. Here’s Fabi’s 4 boys and Sparta’s 1 little girl. We’ll introduce them slowly over the next few days. They are 7 weeks old now and a lot of ‘trouble’ – which is much fun for us scotties, but not so for human mama ha! ha! Anyway here’s just one photo that we snaffled before going back to check on what they puppies are up to as it’s gone very quiet !!!!

8 thoughts on “We’re ALL back

  1. My wonderful Scottie, Watson, passed away in September 2018. He was 1 month away from his 13th Birthday. He had Cushings Disease the past 3 years of his life but with medications he led a full and active life pretty much until the end. I miss him so much.

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