Black and white

It’s a black and white day here in the UK. What a change from the glorious weather we had for our Bank Holiday weekend.

In keeping with the black and white mood, here’s a picture of me and Mama, all cuddly together.

Black & white Bobby
We didn’t get out on a walk – far too wet. And anyway, Mama said that if I couldn’t be bothered to nip into the garden for a tiddle, She certainly wasn’t gonna get togged up and get drenched taking me out on a walk. Oh woe is me. Paws crossed for better weather tomorrow!

Tribute to Finlay

I was going to put together a Tribute to my brother Finlay, to surprise Mama. But I too am distraught with his crossing the Rainbow Bridge and didn’t know where or how to begin. Little did I realise that my Facebook buddy Ruffles de Scottie has taken away my anguish and has very kindly and thoughtfully put together this very moving video.

Mama said she would cherish this for the rest of her life.

Heartfelt thanks to Ruffles de Scottie, Munchkin de Scottie and their human staff for this beautiful tribute to Fin-Fin

Just Me

Oh boy! What a week. Suddenly I find myself alone. What did I do. Have I done something wrong? Why has everyone now left me. Once we were 5, now …… just me. I seek reassurance from my Mama, my big scottie eyes questioning the silence, the single bowl put down at breakfast, the vacant space on the chair where She and Fin sat.

Mama tells me they’ve gone across the Rainbow Bridge. Wow ….. that sounds really pretty and I suggest that I too would like to go. “Not now” She says….. “but one day.” But I want to go ….. now! Everyone else has gone, even some friends in blogsville and Facebook. Why have I been overlooked. I know I can be a bit feisty on walks, a true “bold” scottie when confronted by other doggies we meet, but I’m only protecting my clan. Now there’s no one to protect. Mama tells me that She still needs protecting, “and you” She says “my little braveheart, You need to stay a while longer to carry on this duty”.

This is so not fair! I feel I’ve been overlooked, left out, not wanted. But then I see Her big brown eyes, filled with tears for those not with us anymore, I sense her vulnerability and realise that in my own scottie way I have been chosen – chosen to look after Her for the rest of my life.

And so, it’s just me.

Gus, me, I’m 13 today!

Woof! Woof! I’m a teenager today! She says its a special day, so I’ll let you know later just how special it was.

I also want to wish my litter brother William Happy Birthday too. Yup! he’s 13 as well. William and I are the last two left of a little of 4 born in to Izzy 1999. Our sister Kelpie (who lived with us) died in 2008 and our other sister who moved to Ipswich with her new family, died last October – a sad day as we remember them all very well.

But lets all remember the good times, not only of our immediate scottie family, but of all our friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Whoa! aren’t I being a philosopher – perhaps thats what happens when you reach 13!

Anyway, I’m going to wish myself (Gus) and my brother William the best of wishes today, and as woofed before, I’ll be remembering all our Scotties companions, near and far who are residing across the “Bridge”.

Hope you all have a woofly day!

PS: the card has been made by William’s Mama (She’s a very very good friend of our Mama, and we like Her alot!)

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