Finlay has Cushings !!!

Don’t I just look sooooo cute!

Is there no end to the bad news? What with the loss of our own beloved Gus, but Kenzie, Kyla’s best buddy seems to be quite ill as well, we now get told that Finlay has got Cushings.

Thank dog-ness that we’ve changed Vets. Our new one’s are brilliant, we cannot praise them enough. The original vets had been concentrating on Finlay’s liver for the last 6-8 months. We move to a new Vet and within days get a new diagnosis and treatment to help.

We’ve been given the usual Vetoryl medication and he’s to go back in 10 days time for another blood test to determine the right dosage …..

If there’s a “Dog God” up there, please STOP all this suffering and anguish ….. NOW!

It’s All White!

We’ve still got the snow. Whilst it’s still cold (below zero at night) the snow is quite easy to walk on. We don’t need to have half baths on our return. Once the temperature rises, then the snow will turn to slush and underfoot it won’t be so pleasant.

We had a good walk around the Reservoir. Saw and heard lots of woofly wildlife. Got told off by Her ‘cos I stepped onto the Reservoirs icy coating and She panicked & screeched sooooo much, that I nearly fell over trying to return to “solid” ground. I was like those cartoon dogs, with legs running fast but getting nowhere!. No need I say, no need to panic me so much. I was in control. Until the scream.

Anyway, all safely back home. Toasty warm. Quite sleepy. But must clean my feet first.

Hope you guys have not been panicked today by your peeps.

Finlay update

You might recall that Finlay had a scan and x-ray a couple of weeks ago. The x-ray showed a “shadowy mass” and was sent off to an expert. We had to wait 2 weeks for the results. In the meantime he was given Denamarine to support his Liver as there are doubts over its viability.

Finlay in his perky alert mode

Well, we returned to the Vets on a couple of Tuesdays ago, to be told that the expert could not conclusively identify the “shadowy mass”. The thinking was perhaps it was a shadow of Finlay’s intestines. So we arranged to repeat the scan and xray today.

I’ve just been notified by the Vet that the “shadowy mass” is no longer there – and was just that: a “shadowy mass”. However, the liver is showing signs of being “diffused” and this is normally associated with chronic liver disease, which apparently, there is no treatment for.

We have decided not to open him up as there’s nothing to be done. He will have more blood tests this afternoon to obtain some base rate figures and then every 4-6 weeks to see what changes may be occuring.

He’ll probably need to continue with the Denamarine, and be supported by a liver diet.

Finlay actually shows no outward sign of having anything wrong; he’s eating, enjoying his walks, barking at passers-by and generally doing just what a scottie does, so I’m pleased with this side of things.

So kind of good news, really. However, if any of you out there recognise what we’ve just gone through and can shed more light on the matter, please get in touch with me

Reservoir Dogs

By Finlay

Yap! I get to write an article – yup, we’ve got this site back in our control for a day or two! So I thought I’d write about my new favourite walk. Its around a Reservoir – hence the title Reservoir Dogs.

I like it lots ‘cos I get let off the leash all the way round. She say’s I’m a well behaved boy and that I deserve this treat. Gus and Bobby have to remain under closer supervision – Bobby because he usually barks first, and Gus because if he wasn’t attached to Her he’d still be sniffing the very first blade of grass!

The Reservoir is very peaceful, unless you take a bag of bread with you to feed the dogs ducks and swans. We NEVER get any bread, it’s soooooo unfair, but then, as we don’t visit the Reservoir daily, I should be more considerate in allowing the ducks and swans to have some of my the bread.

I shouldn’t be too ungrateful about the food I get, especially on a Friday night (which tonight is a Friday night) as we get home-made pie from our local chippie. We get soooo much that there’s still plenty o’ pie left for Saturday night dinner as well. Yummy, although we could eat it all in one go if They let us!

We’re just waiting for Him to finish doing something on a computer, and then we’ll lobby Him to get going for our pie, whilst She gets our dishes ready.

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend. Woofs, wags and rooOOooodles to you all.

We’re still here

Just in case anyone was wondering where we are ……. we’re still here but They are doing a major garden makeover on the back garden and so we have to supervise them to make sure They are doing is right!

Here’s just a few shots of how little progress They have(n’t) made!

We’ll keep you posted every now and then.