Is Summer really here?

What a fantastic few weeks we’ve had (here in the Midlands). Not a drop of rain for at least 3 weeks. Garden looks “blooming” although I have to keep watering it.

Our garden is a wildlife “sanctuary” with nearly all the features wildlife adore. Running water, stream, overgrown bushes to hide in from predators, plenty of sunny aspects for nest building, and for me too, it is fabulous to watch the wildlife living in my front garden.

Yes, it’s my turn to write something for the start of May – my boys have done a fabulous job over the last couple of months, but if it doesn’t involve food, then they are not really interested, and this “blog” is about me, watching wildlife – yeah I know some of it would have been food for the scotties if they had not been domesticated, but they have.

There is often competition for food – for example just today I was sitting watching the Starlings make an utter mess of the fat balls I made for them, with Bobby nosing around beneath the feeders, picking up the bits that fall to the ground. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to hand otherwise there would have been a picture to support this.

A-RooOOOoos from you ......

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