About May

Well here we are again, the Last Friday in May. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes that we were writing about what happened to us in April. Where does the time go! Mum thinks we have Time Bandits living in the house stealing the time from us – we just think she’s not organised enough. However we mustn’t grumble as we do get out on our regular morning walks.

As you know Gus  the scottie dog, was poorly again but after a couple of visits to the Vets he has rallied and is back to his usual self. This is a good thing because he’s the one that makes all the sweet noises in the morning to get Mum out of bed to feed us! If it wasn’t for Gus Mum would probably still be in bed!

Dad bought some baby Koi carp the other week and so a lot of time has been spent with our noses looking into the pond. We can’t understand what we are looking for. However, the fish food smells “smelly” and Gus is really keen to have a “taster” of this. Mum is quite careful to keep it away from him.

The other day Dad caught Gus “spying”. He was sitting in one room, but had his head craned around the door jamb looking into another room. Dad thought this was funny and decided to call Gus “Double 0 pie, licensed to smackerell” Well most of you won’t know what that means, but we’ll tell you. Gus the Scottie Dog is a food monster! Gus just loves to eat. Dad just loves reading about Winnie the Pooh, who also is a food monster. Pooh is always looking at ways of obtaining food, and this is exactly what Gus, our adorable Scottie Dog does.

We didn’t get away camping in Lady Doris this month. We have that pleasure awaiting us in June!

We did get groomed though. Despite the struggles we always put up when being groomed I must say we Scottie Dogs do look the business when its all over. Mum bought a new brush to brush our scottie dog coats with. It works particularly well on me, Finlay Scottie Dog, as I have quite a flyaway coat.

The weather seemed to be a bit more typical – dull, cloudy, rainy, but lets hope that this is all done with and June will start with a summery flourish which will last till Christmas!

Talking about Christmas, Mum has started organising the Scottie Christmas Party for STECS. So make a note of the date, or check out the new Scottie Chat website http://www.scottiechat.wordpress.com or the official STECS site http://www.stecs.net The links can be found on our blogsite.

Won’t bore you anymore with things. There’s a nice long weekend looming. Dad’s bought a bridge to go over our stream so that Mum can sit on it whilst feeding the fish. Wonder whether we’ll be allowed to sit on it as well. Not sure what Bobby will think – he doesn’t like stuff like that – scaredy cat!

Arroooo to you all – until the next time – woof, woof

A-RooOOOoos from you ......

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