About April

It me, Bobby, my turn to write!!!!! Not started off too well, what with Gus being poorly. Thank heavens that’s all done with. Been on a few glorious walks on our local patch. Mum and Dad getting ready to take us to Scotland – not so sure that it’ll be as warm up there. Anyway, few more days to go before that. No doubt we’ll all get tortured (!!!) by being groomed so that we look good on our arrival.

Dad jet washed the ground-sheet on Sunday – what a noise – I wish he’d gone to see his Mum for Mother’s Day – but he forgot – silly dad.

Dad told Mum to measure the bed in the over cab of Lady Doris (our motorhome) so that they can have a mattress pad to ease their slumber during the night – mum not happy as this was dad’s job. Mum hopes that she’s got the right measurements – and so do we, otherwise they’ll both be grumpy, Mum in particular as Dad’s a little more laid back, like take it or leave it. That’s ok when at home, but in Scotland – I don’t think so!

Went to visit our “niece” on Wednesday to celebrated, belatedly, her 10th Birthday. She’s now the first entry in the “X Clan”. Met another Scottie called William – why are they all called William! – lovely chap, very grey, but not that “old age” grey – he was probably born grey. Had lovely walk – all 6 of us, weather was beautiful, in fact we Elkin Sparhawks had two walks that day – faaaanntaaaaastic! We should have birthdays everyday.

Weekend arrived and Dad got “busy” cleaning some cupboards in Lady Doris, ready for our trip to Scotland next week. We just sat in the garden with mum all afternoon – bit boring, but better than been groomed, which is what I heard her say would happy today – hopefully she’s forgotten. I don’t hold much hope out because she always messes with our hair before we go away – just because she has her’s done, doesn’t mean we need to!

Sunday 10th April: what another beautiful day. I sat with Mum watching the lady Blackbird build a nest (same place as last year so it’s only a bit of refurbishment works required!) The Wrens are debating whether to use the nest they’ve been working on, so they get a bit noisy in the morning and towards dusk. The Starlings – what a noisy bunch. They’ve decided they like picking the leaves from the dead pampas grass in the front to build their nest in the roof eaves. There’s pampas grass leaves hanging out of our wall – Dad’s not too pleased. We have so far avoided being groomed – yippee!

We all kept a low profile over the next few days as Mum prepared Lady Doris for our trip to Callander in Scotland. We are to set off on Tuesday evening, so it’s all go!

Tuesday morning Dad set off for London – yeah, he’s going to London first, then driving all the way back to Nottingham, having tea then we are all setting off later that night! Phew don’t know how he’s going to cope. Anyway, Dad got back, we all had tea and then got ready to go at about 10pm!

You can read all about Callander and our Scottish Holiday separately as I think Mum or someone else will be writing that post.

Anyway, we are now back home having spent 11 days in sunny Scotland, give or take a few days to get there and get back. Mum and Dad spent Saturday pottering around the garden at home, we again all kept a low profile ‘cos we didn’t want to be brushed – we are so tangled I just know she’s going to get us – and so we had a very quite couple of days.

Tuesday 26th April: been caught!! We’ve all had a “session” on the grooming table. Unfortunately I realised it wasn’t long enough and so I’m sure there’s going to be more tampering with before the end of the month. Had our usual walk this morning and I’ve heard that it’s only a 3-day working week – so we hope to get plenty of walks and stuff in before the weekends done with.

Wednesday 27th April: Fortunately Mum had “one of those days” again. Her year has not been good: firstly she went to the wrong funeral in January; then to the wrong hospital clinic in February and had to go back in March; then in April just before we went to Callander, she arranged to have Sainsbury’s deliver our food on Wednesday – no small problem there I hear you say, well yes it is, because Dad told her we were travelling to Scotland on the Tuesday and so no one would be here to receive the food, and we would have no food on holiday – fortunately Sainsbury’s to the rescue and the delivery was made on the Tuesday. So what was wrong with today? Well, Sainsbury’s were due to deliver between 3pm & 4pm, and Mum had her day planned: we would go walking in the morning, and have haircuts in the afternoon, however Mum needed to check when her hair appointment was due so on the way to the walk, we called in at the salon, only to find that Mum’s hair appointment was today at 2:30pm! Well, we raced home and rang Sainsbury’s in a panic, however, the wonderful Customer Care Team sorted Mum out and re-arranged the delivery time – Well Done Sainsbury’s.

Soooooo . . . . . . .  no we didn’t get our hair cut, but it doesn’t mean she’s forgotten that! She may be forgetting other things, but I’m certain she won’t forget us! Anyway, Thursday is busy, and I know she’ll be watching the Royal Wedding on Friday, so I think we are all safe until the weekend!

Royal Wedding Day and Mum (and Dad!) sat in front of telly for a few hours. Very moving. We paced around a bit, but didn’t interfere too much as there’s plenty of garden for us to roam around in. Kept a low profile simply because we didn’t want to be groomed. Think we’ve been let off for this week!

As this is the “Last Friday” in April (yeah I know there’s one more day) I’m going to call it a day, look for some other photos for you and sign off.

Hope you’ve all had as good an April as we’ve had.

Arrrooooooo to you all.

A-RooOOOoos from you ......

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