Weird Wednesday

Following on from our friends Down Under Daisy, and their escapades in their own woods, we  remember coming across our own “monster in the woods” ….

This photo was taken by our Dad (we’ve taught him everything he knows) during a camping holiday in Clumber Park (one of the forested places Robin Hood is supposed to have lived in).

And what a monster it is. We called it a scottie-saurus. Do you think Robin Hood left it behind all those long years ago? Or was it there when Robin Hood was around?

We need to know if you’ve come across “monsters”. If so, why not share them with us. We need to know what’s out there to protect our “peeps”.

Facts for today …

  • There are still monsters out there
  • Not just here …. but there as well
  • They lurk in the most obvious places
  • Lets root them out ….
  • Well maybe tomorrow ….

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