Terrier Tourettes!

“What!” we hear you cry …. “Terrier Tourettes. What do you mean?”

Well, They have decided that Bobby has Tourettes. On Walks. Only on walks. On minute he’s a perfectly normal Scottie (ha! ha! really ….?) then when he see’s another dog, he begins to shake and tremble, then surges towards poor dog … then barks like mad! After about 20 seconds, its all over and they are best of fur-ends … sniffing bums and stuff, chasing and generally just being nice dogs!

She doesn’t like it ‘cos Bobby sounds crazy. He just wants to play and run, but doesn’t know how to ask nicely. We, Fin and Gus, we are gentlemen. Politely waiting for others to approach, or we calmly walk up to them and introduce ourselves. Meanwhile, Bobby is either back on his lead, or being carried passed “the problem” till he’s calmed down, then he’s allowed to play.

The most weird thing of all though, is that Bobby has obtained his Gold Obedience Training award, and has given Obedience demonstrations including one to a Scottie Breed Club!

Does anyone else have a weird scottie fur-end out there? If so, why not tell us about them. The more funny stories the better.

2 thoughts on “Terrier Tourettes!

  1. Yes, Bertie has a huge problem, usually brought on by joggers or cyclists. We find it quite embarrassing and last week he was terribly rude towards the post lady – I cannot repeat what he said (in scottish under his breath). We have to quickly get him on his lead, thats when he’s allowed off it as its generally not worth the trouble! When we saw a jogger approaching last week my husband quickly rugby tackled Bertie just in time. He’s just trouble through and through.

    Bye for now!!!
    Berties stressed mum.


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