Gus has a girlfriend!

By Finlay

Wow! That’s something. Now, if you know Gus, like we do, you’ll know that he’s not into cuddly stuff or sitting on laps. He likes to stay on the floor and sleep. Every now and then he’ll let Her roll him over onto his back so that She can tickle his chest. This isn’t something he wants – it’s something She thinks she needs to do. So, today we go for a walk with a friend of Hers who’s brought along Eric, a Jack Russell. After the walk, They have coffee and Bobby and Eric start playing and it’s at this point that Gus decides that he wants some cuddling. So, he jumps onto the settee and sits with Her friend …… for ages and ages!

Bobby and I (Finlay) think he’s going soft in the head – well he is 13 after all.

Anyway, less of the picking on Gus; we all had a really lovely walk and Eric is fun to be with, he’s got oodles of energy and “springs” in his legs ‘cos he can’t half jump high!

We all had carrots and bonios on our return. Eric was a little doubtful about the bonios (he’s got little teeth, not like us Scotties) so he had to have his bonio broken up into small pieces. He didn’t eat all of the pieces though ‘cos Bobby kept “lobbying” Eric – it was fun to watch.

We all had our half baths after Eric and Her Friend left and now we are happily awaiting our tuna, rice and cottage cheese dinner.

Hope you all have a great weekend


4 thoughts on “Gus has a girlfriend!

  1. We think it’s an ‘old’ thing. kendra, who hated everyone, didn’t like being held or cuddled, suddenly started to sleep on the bed with our Auntie who was visiting….most unlike her.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy


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