Arroooo-ing Scottie

We’ve had a long weekend here in the UK. A national Bank Holiday yesterday, Monday. So we’re out of sorts as we’ve lost a day. So, we’ve pawed our way through our earlier postings and thought we’d share this with you (again).

Here’s a clip of Izzy, (our mother) playing with Bobby & Me. Izzy is the one doing the arooo-ing. She kept that treasure of a skill all to herself, never shared it with any of us! Watch out for Gus making a last minute entrance to see what all the commotion is about.  (Izzy has since crossed the rainbow bridge, in 2009 and is still sadly missed …. by all of us)

2 thoughts on “Arroooo-ing Scottie

    1. Hi there Oskar! We’d love to join you guys at PetBlogsUnited. So we’re jumping over there now and will be sending you an email. Oh … and thanks for visiting us here!



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