Flashback Fridays


Now then. This picture dates back to 1999. Didn’t Prince sing a song about a party or something …… and wasn’t there a sci-fi series called Space 1999. Anyway, ALL well before our time.

Here is Isobel (or Izzy as They always called her – note the Scottish spelling of the name – yeah there’s something going on there we think) with 7 day old Kelpie (another Scottish name) We’ve been told that They absolutely love this photo. They say it looks like Izzy is wondering “what the hell is that on my bed?” Don’t worry folks, Izzy was THE MOST PERFECT MAMA-DOG. She was always making sure we were beautifully clean, even when we were old enough to do it ourselves! You know what we boys are like – Mummy’s boys!

Sadly, both Izzy and Kelpie are no longer with us, but apparently I look like Izzy, and Finlay has a lot of Kelpie’s characteristics!


14 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays

  1. Izzy does look a bit shell shocked!

    Kelpies here are a breed of sheep dog. All descended from a bitch named Kelpie….

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella and Roxy


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