Flashback Friday

Today is ……

My Birthday. “Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear Me, Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee”

Yay!!!! I’m 11 years old today, so I’m combining a “Today is ….. “ with a Flashback Friday – all about meeeeeee! Here’s 11 years worth of me – hope ya’ll sitting comfy-like! I won’t bore you with ‘captions’ for these photos – I’m in every single one, and it’s quite obvious what I’m doing. Enjoy. Yap! Yap!

24 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. A Huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bobby, 11 years old, with all them fun photos, and your still a puppy, hope you have like 87 more of them.

    The Mad Scots


    1. Thanks guys! Didn’t realise I’d selected 87 photos! Sorry – hope I didn’t bore you! Wouldn’t it be great to have 87 more – I assume yo mean birthdays and not photos, ‘cos I’ve got 87 gazillion of me that I could bore the pants off of even the most fervent of scottie lover! Have a great weekend – don’t get up to too much mischief!


    1. Yay – just the two of us ….. mmmmm sounds like the lyrics of a song. I’d ask you to be my valentine, but I think we’re both a little too long in the tooth for all that nonsense. I’m gonna curl up and let the youngsters strut their stuff. Hope all the “K” clan have a super weekend!



    We LOVE your birthday collage – mom says she could look at it all day. We hope you have pawsome, pawsome day and get spoilt rotten!

    Wally & Sammy


    1. Thanks boys. It’s “pie night” tonight (home cooked pie from our village fish ’n’ chip shop) – I’m soooooo looking forward to that, but please, don’t tell anyone – I am supposed to be one of those scotties at the leading edge of health and wellbeing, and if they found out I eat “pie” each Friday, I’d be rode outta town! Anyway, Mama’s getting bored of me dictating to her from the comforts of my doggie bed, so I’ll thank you both for your birthday wishes, and hope you two have a grrrrreat weekend!


    1. Oh boy …… I’ve never been asked ……. so YES! YES! YES! I’ll be your Valentine. Ooops Mama’s not too pleased with that declaration. She might call me ‘her Valentine baby’ but she’s never asked ………

      Anyway, hope you have a grrrreat weekend!


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