About June

whoa what a smell

Yeah, we know. It’s not quite the end of the Month, but it is the Last Friday of the month, and so we must put pen to paper and to complete the “Last Word”.

Where has the time gone. Mum still thinks the Time Bandits are knocking around the house in a plentiful amount. We don’t mind ‘cos time is time and what will be will be and all that stuff!

We were busy at the beginning of the month. Us three Scotties went camping with Mum and Dad and the families of their three best friends (with kids …… yeah, noisy right!).

We arrived a day before and stayed a day longer than the two nights the rest of them had booked for. We can’t describe how noisy it was for us, we’re so used to camping with bigger people. The smaller people are a bit too energetic for us. We were told that we had been very good boys throughout – hey! what did they expect.

We camped at a place called The Pudding Room. They had a big field in which several tents, trailer tents, caravans and motorhomes could pitch. Its a pretty basic site: No electricity, only two toilets, both containing a shower – lengthy queues there then, beside a rather noisy road, but, the owner was very welcoming and friendly and overall the four families thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We’ve not done too much more, other than our usual “morning walks”. Haven’t been groomed (properly) yet as Mum left the grooming bag in Doris, and she’s have some more extended work done to her. So we’re a bit tangled, but hey! do we care – not one little bit. Mum does though. I’m sure we’re in for a torture session soon.

SWAT was launched – funny hey! – but we keep on seeing and hearing such wonderful sights and sounds that we must share with you. So keep an eye out for our SWAT-ting.

We’ve got our own Twitter account, so if you fancy following us on there, then look out for our name :  @sparhawkscottie   we’ve never had so much fun barking, muttering, yapping and whining using only 140 characters. We’ve taught Mum a lot – but she’s still got more to learn.

Just heard that our next “Horder” gathering is nearing completion, we’ll post something later on that; we think it’s in August, but we weren’t listening too well.

Gus has just got told off for helping the birds finish off some cookies Mum put out for them. He’s a right scavenger. Just the other day a young man offered him a crisp (which he, for Gus, politely grabbed!) and since then any male coming towards us Gus thinks has food for him!

We’ll sign off for now. If you “paw” through our blog, you’ll get an idea of what we’ve done during June.

So for now Rooodles to you all.

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