Settee Monster ….?

Just beneath our Dad, lurks a settee monster . . .

So he investigates to see what is nudging him from below . . .

He grabs his camera, and quickly thrusts it under the settee hoping to catch it . . . .

And catch it he does. However, it is no monster at all, it’s Bobby, our brother!

But OMD! what a photo Dad managed to get.

This is Bobby’s favouritist place in the world; he loves dark places, the smaller the better – hence underneath the settee.

Oh well, mystery solved. Back to cleaning our Scottie paws (sitting on Mum of course, where else?)


One thought on “Settee Monster ….?

  1. This is such a great photo!! I used to crawl under the couch too! It was my favorite to sneak under Mom and Dad and give them a little lick. But just today, Mom realized that my stockpile of balls have gone untouched.. and I have grown to big to crawl under. Enjoy it for me, Bobby!


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