I’m a baby again!

Mum’s just got over a kidney infection and cheered herself up by looking at baby pictures of us.

As the “Mutt-ers” section belongs to me (Bobby) she thought she’d share a few snaps of when I was little. Apparently she says that I’ve not changed at all and approach dogs in the same naughty inquisitive manner as these pictures suggest.

Well I am a Scottie after all, what does she expect.

So how does she know it’s me, I hear you ask. Well, as I was from a litter of 4 boys, to identify us all, each of us had a different colour. Mine was grey ‘cos she named me after Greyfriar’s Bobby – how cool’s that!

By the way, Fin had a blue ribbon as she had already picked a proper name for him (Sparhawk Sapphire Knight, hence blue ribbon) but I stole ended up being given that name – but that’s another story, for another day. Enjoy these few shots of me being very cute.

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Do you know who you were named after? Why not share this with us here.

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