Scotties Against Grooming!

Finlay with grass seed on head

Yesterday we decided that we would put our paws down with determination!

We  launched a “campaign” last night on Twitter, called Scotties Against Grooming [#scottiesagainstgrooming for Tweeters].

We’ve had some little success, but we need more paws to the pumps!

We know it won’t last ‘cos our Peeps will eventually find the time to get out the Grooming Bag but whilst They are distracted, we Sparhawks want to know how many Scotties out there dislike grooming. In fact, all and any dog breed can join in the fun.

Also, to be completely fair, let us know how many of you ACTUALLY LIKE BEING GROOMED. We bet there’s not a lot!

So come and join in this little bit of arroooing, yapping and woofing fun, and make the most of it whilst it lasts!


6 thoughts on “Scotties Against Grooming!

  1. You guys might not like this answer, but I really do like grooming. I don’t mind it at all. We do it at least once a week, maybe twice.

    Now, I can’t lie and tell you I like it when She gets my untangled. That hurts. And I let Her know it.

    Rooooodley-OOOo, Stuart


    1. Stu mate, we totally respect your decision. We did once like it – had to be groomed nearly every day as She wanted to Show us, but since we “retired” it’s intermittent, and now we’re not so used to it anymore. Understand about the untangled – can be pretty Yappie! if you get our meaning.

      We still luv ya!



    1. Ladies …. Ladies …. just the thought of you woofly gals joining in is enough for us (we won’t get you to put paw to paper) and anyway, its only a bit of yap! really ‘cos we’ll never not ever be groomed – She just bides her time! But thanks for your “suppawt!”



  2. I hate grooming! Do they not know that Scotties are supposed to have long hair? Besides, I’m careful with my coat and it rarely becomes tangled and matted. I tolerate a bath, but that is where I draw the line. Just as I get my look the way I want it, THEY take me for a haircut. What gives Them the right!?

    You have all my support Sparhawks!

    Scotties against Grooming! Power to the Scotties.




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