Tangled Tuesdays!


Finlay with grass seed on head

Well ….. not ALL of Tuesdays. We don’t hate the bits of Tuesdays when we go for our morning walks … all those sniffs … yummy. We don’t even hate the bits of Tuesdays when we have to sit in the baby bath and get our legs and bits cleaned off. And we certainly don’t hate the bits of Tuesdays when we get carrots after the baby bath thingy!

What we do hate is the bits of Tuesdays that involve the Grooming Bag. It lurks in a corner, all dark and brooding, with its zippered mouth wide open, and those implements of torture spilling out around it! She does try to zip it up, but its grown sooooo fat over the years, that it would need to go on a crash diet to  get anywhere near being fastened. Even though the grooming bag is a Radley bag, WE STILL HATES IT!

Fin in the baby bath

However, as we were all rather mucky and muddy from our walk this morning,  we’ve not quite dried out enough for her to use one of the brushes. We’ve all been rather desperately trying to rid ourselves of all the sticky bud balls that are clinging to our skirts, but we too, are struggling.

There’s always the hope that another chore will take her mind off the Grooming Bag … but if we don’t get “done” today, it’ll be Woeful Wednesday (tomorrow) for us Sparhawk lads!

Think about us ….. please!

2 thoughts on “Tangled Tuesdays!

  1. We sympathise. Every time we go to our favourite haunts, we have that dreaded half bath when we get home. AND the brush….you’d think we get all that stuff on us on purpose…yeesh!

    I, Daisy, got groomed yesterday…but the stuff’s still out, so Kendra and Bella will be grabbed sometime today.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella


    1. We hope Kendra and Bella have now been groomed, so that they look as smart as you. Another “Tangled Tuesday” is fast approaching and we don’t hold much hope of being missed this week!

      Hope you ladies are ok down there.

      Roooodles, The Sparhawks!


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