Monday Madness

Yap! Another week starts.

Mum says we are maddening on a Monday. Apparently we act as if we’ve NEVER been out on a walk EVER  … so She says!

What she doesn’t realise is that on a Friday when we read and write Peemail, we expect to visit there again on the Saturday – but this isn’t always the case. More often than not we go elsewhere for walks at the weekend.

Soooo ….. Madness on a Monday is only to be expected … there’s a lot of peemail to read that’s been left for us over the weekend and we are desperate to get to it!

However, She says that we are like this EVERY day. Acting as if we’ve never been out. We don’t actually believe that. We are just a happy little pack of very well behaved Scotties. (If you believe the bit about well behaved …… well poetic license and all that, plus we like to make you guys believe we are good little boys! She will tell you a different story)

Anyway all back home now. Half baths completed; carrots eaten; now time for a lovely afternoon snooooooze. See Fin already assuming the position!!!

How was the start to your week?

2 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. Total understanding from this corner of the world. We just loves walks….any where, any time….so we get very excited (and tangle our leads) when we head out. SHE likes to go on different walks all the time, so catching up on pee-mail is an on-going thing in many locales.

    We always have to have that half bath, too. Is that a scottie thing?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella


    1. We think having a half bath must be a scottie thing, ‘cos we’ve just remembered that two other families of Scotties have to go through the same “trauma” each time.

      Pssst don’t tell anyone, keep it a secret, but we do really like half baths …..!



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