Tuesday Tantrum!

Sparhawks at the pub

There will be if we don’t get to go out!

Dad came home from work extra early yesterday, and so we thought we’d take Them to the pub across the fields.

We had a lovely couple of hours all in all. The weather was just perfect. And soon after we got back home, we had our dinner – yummy!

However, this morning there’s talk about NOT GOING OUT TODAY! Just because we went on two walks yesterday does not mean we don’t get to go out the next day!

We’ve told her how unfair that is. Soooooooo ……. she said we would go out later.

As it happens, we always go out much later on a Tuesday ….. so it’s win win for everyone and Tuesday Tantrum is kicked into touch.

Do your Peeps make up these silly rules?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tantrum!

  1. I’m bertie the scottie, I’m 2 on Friday and my mum and dad are taking me to bangor on see races. Im not allowed to race though. Anyway, i haven’t been out yet so. Taken to white clean duvet for the afternoon. Bertie x


    1. Well Done Bertie for lounging the afternoon away on a clean white duvet!

      Have fun at the Races on Friday and we hope the rest of your birthday is just as much fun!

      Report back and let us know if They did you proud on your Big Day!



  2. The tantrum was deserved! Imagine thinkin’ walks on ONE day count for another day!!!!! SHE keep saying that it’s in our contract that SHE doesn’t walk on rainy days..we can’t find that contract AND we don’t remember signing it……..but SHE is in charge of the food.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    It’s raining today……….maybe we can find a clean, white duvet.


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